Find the Perfect Water Meter for Your Needs with Australia’s Top Brands!

We offer a variety of water meter technologies to match your specific application, including:

Ultrasonic meters: Non-invasive and accurate, ideal for large flow applications.
Woltman helix meters: Highly accurate and durable, suited for bulk metering.
Positive displacement (PD) meters: Precise for low-flow situations.
Multi-jet meters: Cost-effective option for residential and commercial use.
Magflow meters: No moving parts, perfect for contaminated water.
Paddlewheel style meters: Simple and affordable for basic flow measurement.

Go beyond water meters with smart solutions:

Our connected water meters seamlessly integrate with smart metering systems, offering you:

  • Remote meter reading: Conveniently monitor your water usage from anywhere.
  • Granular insights: Gain detailed data on when and where you use water.
  • Improved efficiency: Make informed decisions to optimize your water consumption.

Why choose us?

  • Unwavering customer support: We’re here to help you find the perfect meter and answer any questions.
  • Complete compliance: We provide all necessary approvals and certificates for your application.
  • Trusted brands: Partner with industry leaders like Elster/Honeywell, RWC, ARAD, and iTron.

Ready to take control of your water usage?
Browse our extensive selection of water meters today and find the ideal solution for your needs. Contact us for expert advice and personalized recommendations.