Below you will find a range of answers to the questions we receive the most. If you cannot find your answer here please call our office or send us an email. 

Trouble Shooting

Your standpipe is stuck on a hydrant and will not turn off.

If your standpipe becomes stuck on a hydrant point and will not turn off, it is normally because one of the following reasons.

  • There is debris stuck between the hydrant ball and the rim of the hydrant preventing it from sealing.
  • You have pushed the hydrant ball down too far due to excessive winding of the standpipe spindle. This can cause the hydrant spring to fail. 
  • The hydrant has failed, and the Spring ball is unable to reseat.

Steps to try before calling the water authority emergency number

  1. Try winding the spindle down until you feel it press on the hydrant ball. Continue winding 2 more turns then wind it anti clockwise to try and shut it off again. Try this a few times to try and reseat the hydrant ball.
  2. If this fails to stop the flow call your authorities emergency number found on their website. 

Important Information. 

Never try to undo any bolts on the hydrant or use excessive force to remove the standpipe. Always call the emergency number if you cannot stop the flow by using the step above. 


Standpipe hard to remove from hydrant

This normally happens when the rubber base seal is too thin and you are getting metal on metal contact. Replace the base seal.

Standpipe has little or no flow

This is more common on the 25mm Standpipes. It is normally from the internal strainer basket on the meter being blocked by dirt and debris. you can avoid this by cleaning the hydrant top prior to connecting your standpipe. If your meter becomes blocked call Flotech to arrange an appointment to clean out the meter.

Standpipe Meter not counting

This is normally from debris being lodged in the internals of the meter. Bring your standpipe back to Flotech for a Meter service. You can avoid this by making sure the top of the hydrant is clean prior to connection.

Standpipe Wont turn on

This could be from a stripped spindle. Instead of compressing the ball to allow the water to flow the standpipe spindle just slips. Return the standpipe to Flotech for repairs. To avoid this do not hit the top handle of the standpipe as it damages the threads.

Standpipe Leaking from the spindle

If your standpipe has a gland you can simply tighten the gland with a spanner until it stops leaking. If your standpipe has the dual O’ring head you will need to change the O’rings.


How do i use Paypal pay in 4?

Simply use the pay now button on our invoice and select paypal. Use your paypal login and select the pay in 4 option.

Do you take Credit Card

Yes we accept Visa and Mastercard. We have Eftpos on site or you can pay by credit card using the pay now button on our invoice.

Can i open an account

We can open accounts for customers who purchase from us on a regular basis and meet our minium spend requirement. contact for more information.


Faulty Item

If you believe your product has a manufacture defect please contact Send us photos of the issue and a detailed report on the issue.

Unwanted item

If the product has not been used and is in new condition contact and organise the return. A restocking fee may apply.

Sydney Water 

How do i apply for a Sydney Water Standpipe

Click on this Link to fill out an approval form. 
Once you get your approval email, contact us and forward us a copy of your approval to We will contact you with Standpipe pricing and availability. 

How do they bill us for the water

Sydney water will request a photo of your standpipe meter every quarter and you will be billed at the rate listed on their website. Click here to view

what to do if you no longer use your standpipe.

You have a couple of options. 

Deregister the Standpipe

If you think you will not be using the standpipe for an extended period of time you can deregister the standpipe. This will make the standpipe inactive in the Sydney Water system and you will not be asked for reading or be required to pay any fees or get it backflow tested. The standpipe will be illegal to use while deregistered and heavy fines apply if it is used. 

If you need to use it again you can fill out the approval form on the Sydney Water website found here. Sydney water will reactivate the Standpipe and you will need to get any outstanding tests done prior to using the standpipe again. 

Sell the Standpipe

To sell a standpipe you will need to contact Sydney Water on and request to deregister the standpipe. 

you will need to give the final reading of the standpipe at this point and the serial number of the pipe. 

Once it is deregistered you can sell the standpipe. You can contact Flotech and ask for buy back price or you can sell it elsewhere. 

If you’re selling it elsewhere you will need to ensure the person buying it has an approval letter to buy a standpipe. 

Once you have seen the approval letter you will need to contact and let them know you are transferring ownership of (Standpipe Serial) to (New owner information including permit number)

If you fail to complete the changeover you will be held responsible for the water usage of that standpipe.

View a sample email here