Flotech’s onsite test rig allows us to simulate mains pressure and carry out backflow tests on standpipes to AS2845.3

What is the advantage of using Flotech?

Onsite Test Bench

We can simulate high flow and high pressure in a controlled environment allowing us to test more than just your backflow device. 

We will ensure your meter is also working, Your standpipe is not leaking (a leaking standpipe will fail the backflow test.) And we will take the time to ensure your backflow device is free of any build up, so your device remains fully operational.

We manufacture the Standpipes

We have been manufacturing standpipes for decades. We know our way around them and have all the spare parts ready to go. 

23 Years of just Standpipe Backflow Testing

We have been testing standpipe backflow for 23 years. We do not test backflow devices for buildings and factories. Just Standpipes! So you can trust us to get it right the first time.

Fleet Management

A big part of our job is helping our customers manage their fleet of metered standpipes. From reminder letters (we send out our own) to fixing registration details with Sydney Water or Helping you purchase a new standpipe, backflow or decommissioning one you don’t need any more.

You can rely on us to keep your standpipes working and compliant. 

Online Submission and Audit Trail

Your test results are lodged directly with Sydney Water on their portal. This is done as soon as we finish testing your Standpipe. 

We also take a photo while testing your device as part of Sydney Waters Audit trail requirement. This way you can guarantee your standpipe was actually tested and is compliant. We also retain a copy of this photos and your certificate on our system. So if you ever need a copy just give us a call. 

Spare Parts

Our factory is always stocked with spare parts to ensure your downtime is limited. We even stock parts from other standpipe manufacturers. Our aim is to keep our customers working and not waiting.


32mm Backflow 

25mm Backflow

Spare Parts

Calibration Service

Metered Standpipe’s should have there calibration checked every 24 months to ensure that they are accuratly counting the correct amount of water.