Water Meters Couplings and Flange Kits

Here you will find Connection kits for our entire range of water meters.
All water meters require connection kits of some kind to aid in the connection and to allow the meter to be removed for maintenance with ease.

There are a few main types of connection kits.

Couplings or Unions
These are threaded fittings that connect to your meter with a floating nut. The outer end of the coupling is BSP thread to connect to your standard plumbing fittings such as a ball valve. The nut that connects to your meter will be a specific thread for that meter depending on the state guidelines.

Flange Kits

These are for the larger meters and can come in a variety of materials and drillings. 32mm and 40mm meters with NMI approval will come with oval flanges. Where as 50mm and up will come with round flanges and generally table D drilling.

Coupling Kits: NSW ball face, Meter Thread and BSP Thread connections.
Flange kits: Oval Brass Flange kits to suit 32-40mm Water Meters and round flange for 50mm and up.

You can find our range of Water Meters HERE