Elster H4000 Helix Water Meter


Elster H4000 Helix: The High-Capacity Cold Water Meter Setting the Industry Standard


Experience unmatched accuracy and reliability with the Elster H4000 Helix, the industry's leading high-capacity cold water meter. Its precision-engineered Woltman helix turbine and minimal flow restriction deliver industry-best accuracy, even in demanding bulk metering applications.


  • Highly Accurate: ±0.5% accuracy at nominal flow, exceeding strict NMI R 49-1 standards.
  • Durable: Robust design and wear-resistant materials ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Low Pressure Loss: Minimizes energy consumption and maximizes pump efficiency.
  • Versatile: Suitable for horizontal, vertical, and inclined pipelines.
  • Remote Reading: Pulse output for easy integration with AMR systems and leak detection.
  • Easy Maintenance: Replaceable measuring mechanism without removing the meter.
  • AS 4020 Compliant: Safe for use with potable water.

Ideal for:

  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Water distribution networks
  • Building management systems
  • Smart water grid applications

Upgrade your cold water metering with the Elster H4000 Helix and experience unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Pulse Kit

PR7 Inductive Pulse Kit
PR7 Inductive Mbus Pulse Kit

Elster Metering is now known as Honeywell.

Part Number Description Size Quantity
DBA4001-00 Elster H4000 Woltman - Table D - Length 311mm 50mm

LUPPC4893 Elster H4000 Woltman - Table D - Length 200mm 65mm

DCA4001-00 Elster H4000 Woltman - Table D - Length 413mm 80mm

DDA4001-00 Elster H4000 Woltman - Table D - Length 483mm 100mm

LUPPG4894 Elster H4000 Woltman - Table D - Length 500mm 150mm

LUPPH4895 Elster H4000 Woltman - Table D - Length 520mm 200mm

DJA4001-00 Elster H4000 Woltman - Table D - Length 450mm 250mm