Elster V100 Water Meter


Elster V100 Water Meter

The Elster V100 water meter is a highly accurate volumetric meter which is designed to maintain its performance in any position. This makes it perfect for high rise metering applications such as AMR/BMS remote water meter monitoring.
This meter has an outstanding reputation in the Australian market for both reliability and versatility while still offering exceptional value to the customer. Leading AMR / AMS and BMS companies choose this meter for its pulse constancy and ability to be installed in tight spaces in any orientation giving them greater freedom with installation.

Common uses: Domestic applications such as sub metering Houses, Apartments, Granny flats. Commercial applications such as: Sub metering Shops and Factories or monitoring water use of machines etc.
For high flow applications see the H4000 series of meters.

Elster V100 Water Meter sizes

Available in a range of sizes and connections from 20mm - 40mm.

20mm to 25mm use Threaded Couplings. NSW (ball face), Meter Thread and BSP Thread.
32mm-40mm have an oval flanged body and come with a flange kit with female BSP thread connection.


• Optimum accuracy and performance at all times, in any position.
• Revolutionary grooved piston for improved durability and performance.
• Durable tamperproof construction.
• Easy to read water meter.
• Pulse output available providing access to management information.
• Robust, leak-proof construction.
• Performance to ISO 4064 Class C or D.
• Maximum working temperature of 50ºC.
• Maximum working pressure of 16 bar.


The Elster V100 water meter is NMI R-49-1 approved and Watermarked, making it compliant with the Australian Plumbing code and suitable billing. It is also AS2345 compliant.

Connectivity with AMR Systems and Remote Reading

Connectivity to an electronic reading system by using the T110 Pulse Probe.
With a pulse rate of 1 pulse per 5L and operates the T110 magnetically by
activating the contact in the reed switch.

Recycled Water Meters

This Elster v100 water meter can be ordered for recycled water use and painted Lilac to comply with the regulations.
Just add a comment in the quote form if the meter will be used for recycled water use and we make sure you receive
the right variant.

Bulk discounts apply with this product, and we are happy to assist with any project enquiries.

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Part Number Description Size Quantity
50100/39 Elster V100 DCV - QLD/VIC Thread 20mm

50100/40 Elster V100 DCV - NSW Thread 20mm

50100/41 Elster V100 DCV - BSP Thread 20mm

50500/02 Elster V100 - QLD/VIC Thread 25mm

50500/11 Elster V100 DCV - NSW Thread 25mm

SD4048-00 Elster V100 - Oval Flange with Flange Kit 32mm

SE4048-00 Elster V100 - Oval Flange with Flange Kit 40mm

WMKIT-50100/39 Elster V100 DCV - QLD/VIC Thread with Couplings 20mm

WMKIT-50100/40 Elster V100 DCV - NSW Thread with Couplings 20mm

WMKIT-50100/41 Elster V100 DCV - BSP Thread with Couplings 20mm

WMKIT-50500/02 Elster V100 - QLD/VIC Thread with Couplings 25mm

WMKIT-50500/11 Elster V100 DCV - NSW Thread with Couplings 25mm

MEB7454 T-Probe Reed Switch Pulse Lead 5m