ARAD Octave Ultrasonic

Revolutionary, precise and super reliable the ARAD Octave ultrasonic bulk water meter has superior hydraulic performance and batteries that last up to 15 years, the Octave is today’s best choice for bulk meters.




  • Dual beam ultrasonic technology for precise and ultra reliable metering

  • No moving parts

  • Excellent long-term stability and reliability

  • Battery powered -up to 15 years life expectancy

  • Rugged mechanical design – Submersible (IP68)

  • Extremely sensitive and accurate in low flows

  • Bi-directional – including bi-directional outputs (digital and analog)

  • Flexible data formats including flow directions, flow rates and volumes

  • AMR and cellular networks ready with alerts and statistics features

  • Miltiline LCD

  • Programmable Display (units and outputs resolution)

  • EMI / RFI Protection

Standpipe Backflow Testing

Flotech can service and test your standpipe backflow device as well as fix any repairs that need to be carried out while we do it. 

We have a full range of spare parts and will lodge the reports with Sydney Water the same day. 

With our custom fleet management software we can help you keep track of your due dates and keep a full repair history.