Itron TD8


TD8 is a piston-type water meter suitable for clean water conditions in residential and commercial
environments. Measuring water from very low to very high flows, TD8 provides accuracy beyond
category standards. With tamperproof capabilities and a communication-ready design, TD8 delivers
proven robustness to Australian utilities.

Key Information

  • Very large measuring range with Q3/Q1 Ratio up to R400
  •  Very low starting flow allowing for leakage detection
  •  Easy to read extra dry register with large contrasted roller
  • Embedded wiper for readability in humid conditions
  •  360° Register rotation adjustable on site
  •  IP 68 case protection
  •  NMI R49-1 class 2 in all positions
  •  AS 3565.1
Part Number Description Size Quantity
20GSOS-DC iTron TD8 DCV - Meter Thread 20mm

20BSOS-DC iTron TD8 DCV - Ball Face NSW Thread 20mm

25GS14-DC iTron TD8 DCV - Meter Thread 25mm

25BS14-DC iTron TD8 DCV- Ball Face NSW Thread 25mm

32OV-SC iTron TD8 SCV- Oval Flange 32mm