B Meter – Hot Water Meter


The Watermarked GSD5 and GSD8 are available in a 15mm compact single jet water meter suitable for hot water.
It features a dry dial with direct reading on 5 numerical rolls and 4 indicator dials on the GSD5 or 8 numerical rolls on
the GSD8. The meters are supplied with a pulse output cable as standard.


  • Watermarked in 15mm Version
  • 90° Celsius rating
  • Dry Dial
  • Pulse kit supplied
  • Couplings supplied
  • Optional dual check valve
  • Barcode for easy asset management

Note that other sizes of hot water meters are also available, however, are not Watermark approved. See separate brochure

Part Number Description Size Quantity
GSD5-R-15H 15mm Single Jet Hot Water Meter with Couplings and Pulse kit 15mm