Elster PR7 & PR6 Inductive Pulsers


Elster Honeywell PR7 & PR6 Inductive Pulsers

Falcon communication modules are designed for use in domestic water meters and Woltman meters.
Tried and proven over 30 years, the contact scanning technology offers excellent safety, performance and reliability for the transmission of meter readings,
independent from any need of pulse, radio or MBus signals.


For ELSTER water meters with communication interface

  • Pulse modules with two outputs (PR 6/7)
  • Radio module TPR 11/7
  • M-Bus module acc. to EN13757 (PR 6/7 M)
  • Integrated forward and backflow detection
  • Non-reactive and tamper-resistant

The mode of operation relies on the principle of electrical oscillating circuit. This information
displays the number of electrical oscillations that exceeds a fixed threshold value. Once the
rotating resonant target of the water meter register is located under one of the 3 coils of the
Falcon module, the vibration is dampened. As a result of the dampening effect, only a small
number of amplitudes exceeds the fixed threshold value. This change is measured and processed
by a processor.

By using 3 coils there is a detection of forward and revers motion, as well as a redundancy, that
improves the data quality and reliability. A compliance of the transmitted meter readings with the
mechanical water meter register is ensured. The installation is very simply and can be retrofitted
at any time without reconstruction or damage of the parameters relevant to calibrating.




Part Number Description Size Quantity
LU2925M1221 PR7 Inductive Output Pulser Dual Channel - 1:1 Pulse 5M

LU2925M1224 PR7 Inductive Output Pulser Dual Channel - 1:10 Pulse 5M

LU2925M1222 PR7 Inductive Output Pulser Dual Channel - 10:10 Pulse 5M

LU2925M1263 PR7 Inductive Output Pulser Dual Channel - 1:100 Pulse 5M

LU2925M1280 PR7 Inductive Output Pulser Dual Channel - 10:100 Pulse 5M

LU2925M1269 PR7 Inductive Output Pulser - MBUS 5M

LU2925M1265 PR6 Inductive Pulser 10:10 5M