ARAD WST – Pulse Kit


The ARAD WST pulse kit is required to connect the meter to an AMR system
You are required to replace the existing dial with the pulse ready dial that features
a mounting point in the face for the pulse lead. The pulse kit can be retrofitted while the meter is inline without
the need to shut off the water supply.

Note: New ARAD WST meters come standard with a pulse kit pre installed. 

Maximum Switch Voltage 30V DC
Maximum Switched Current 50mA


Black Wire Common/Ground (always used)
Red Wire Return Line (normally used)

ARAD WST water meter can be found here


Part Number Description Size Quantity
PK50 ARAD WST Pulse Kit 50mm

PK65 ARAD WST Pulse Kit 65mm

PK800 ARAD WST Pulse Kit 80mm

PK100 ARAD WST Pulse Kit 100mm

PK150 ARAD WST Pulse Kit 150mm

PK200 ARAD WST Pulse Kit 200mm

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