Sydney Water

Sydney Water require you to apply for a permit prior to purchasing a Standpipe.

  • Metered Standpipes Only

  • Only 32mm and 25mm Outlets Allowed

  • Double Check Backflow is Required

  • Can only buy from approved suppliers

  • Online Application Only

Click apply now to be taken to Sydney Waters online application.

City West Water

City West Water require you to purchase the standpipe first, Then fill out your permit and submit your standpipe serial number. 

  • Metered and Unmetered Standpipes Allowed

  • RPZ Backflow or Registered Air Gap Required

  • 65mm MFB Outlets on Fixed Pillar Hydrants.

  • Mix of Spring Hydrants and Fixed Pillar hydrants. 

South East Water

  • HydroTrak System in Use. ( GPS Based Logging on Truck )

  • Only use Dual head L type (pillar) Hydrants.

Ballina Water

Ballina Water require you to purchase your own Metered Standpipe with Backflow.

  • Metered Standpipes Only

  • Must apply for a ID Tag for standpipe

  • Backflow Prevention Required

  • 65mm MFB Outlets

  • Recycled and Potable Standpipes allowed

  • Filling Stations Also available.

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