Residential Water Meters

Elster V100 - 20mm - 25mm

The Elster V100 range of meters can be installed in any position.

RMC Multijet - 20mm to 25mm

The RMC Multi jet is a robust water meter with high accuracy.

Must be installed in the horizontal plane.

RMC Multijet - 32mm to 40mm

RMC Multijet - 50mm

Elster S110 - 15mm Hot/Cold Water Meter

  • Single jet dry dial meter

  • Cold water up to 30 °C, hot water up to 90 °C

  • Integrated potential-free pulse output

RMC Multijet Reed Switch

Suits RMC Mulitjet 20 mm to 50mm

Elster V100 Reed Switch

Reed Switch to suit Elster V100. 15mm - 40mm

5m Lead.

QLD/ VIC Couplings

Brass Couplings 

Meter Couplings - NSW

NSW Meter Couplings - Female

Oval Flange Kits

To suit 32mm and 40mm Elster V100 and RMC Multijet meters.

Round Flange Kit

To suit 50mm RMC Multijet meter

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