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Zenner Woltman - 90 Degrees

  • The Zenner Woltman has wide measuring rate that enables to serve in broaden applications and in extreme situations (low flows an high flows)

  • No sensitivity to working conditions like vibrations

  • No sensitivity to humidity conditions (even if dry chamber is full of water)

ARAD Octave - Ultrasonic

OCTAVE- A new revolutionary, precise and super reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter.

With superior low flow measurement and batteries that last up to 15 years, the Octave is today’s best choice for bulk meters.


ARAD WST - Pulse Kit

Pulse Kit includes:


1 x Register with pulse

1 x Pulse Lead


Add -10 to the part number to request 1 pulse per 10L

Add -100 for 1 pulse per 100L

Add - 1000 for 1 pulse per Kilolitre

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Bulk Water Meters

Available in Lilac