AMR Systems

Indigo Wireless Data Logger

The Indigo Data Logger is a compact, multi-channel monitoring device that can be attached to any utility meter with a pulse output. It then transmits the data back to the SUMS portal where it is graphed and ready to view.


Designed to monitor up to 4 Meters at a time. Battery Powered or mains capable. 

It uses a 4G Modem to send daily usage reports to your email.

( Sim card not supplied ) 

Spider WBS - Wireless

The Spider WBS wireless AMR system is designed to read up to 400 water meters. 

A transponder attached to the water meter sends pulse counts back to the base station which then forwards those readings off to up to 4 recipients or to a BMS system as a CSV. 

Solar Microspider

Solar Micro Spider with battery backup and live SMS.

This version of the Micro Spider features Solar charging. This enables the device to be installed in remote locations away from a power source.  Live SMS keeps the Spider waiting for a SMS command for on demand readings.

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